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​however, events got larger, vendors required more power and events demanded a better way. The wire from the basement with the outlet on the end just wasn't cutting it anymore. It was at that time I purchased my first generator for powering events. I started with 1 diesel powered generator, 3-100 foot distribution cords & 3 power boxes. That should be enough?? I was only powering 3-6 events a summer. Today I have 7 diesel powered generators, 6 Lithium Ion powered generators, over 9000 feet of cable & 50 distribution boxes. In the summer of 2022 we powered 176 events on MV. MVCS Possible dreams auction, HGTV, Spike Lee productions, The White House Press Corp., Sherrifs Meadow Foundation, CBS/Paramount, CNN, Fox TV, Beach Road Weekend, The (Vineyard) TRUST, Jazz on The Vineyard, Lady Fest MV and countless weddings have all relied on us for their power. To keep up with demand, we have also expanded into golf cart rentals for vendors use, on-site water sources, cell phone charging stations and electric man-lifts. 

My wife Rachel joined me in 2015 as a "helper". Quite honestly, she is a lot of the reason why we are where we are today. We work side by side on every event, sometimes until day break. We joked that we were the "Original Power Couple"! Today our company Event Power MV, LLC is the only temporary generator power vendor located on Martha's Vineyard. Going into our 13 year (2023) we are so fortunate to have over a 1000 events under our belt and scheduling new events every day for 1-2 years ahead. If you see us on any event be sure to say Hi! and don't forget to check out the logo on the back of our shirts that proclaim that we are "The Original Power Couple". We've come a long way from that piece of wire running out of the basement.

Having been a licensed electrician since 1988, I did what all electricians do, I ran cable out from various basement windows, etc.. and installed outlets at the end of the cable. At the time, it seemed like the only way provide power for the event. As time progressed 

​Your Professional Temporary Generator Power Source for Events on Martha's Vineyard

Event Power MV, LLC

about us

~Mark & Rachel Forbus~

Event Power MV, LLC

Martha's Vineyard, MA~

In 2010 I was working as an Electrician on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. A business associate asked me to help him with powering audio/video equipment for weddings and other various outdoor events.This is when it all began. 

~The "Original Power Couple"~